Gone are the days when the girls and women used to be all covered in heavy jewellery including chokers, head bands,big danglers and many more all at the same time!

Today’s feminine race loves minimal and elegant jewellery, but they love to experiment as well.

The popularity of dental jewellery proves it….It’s so famous in today’s youth, because of many advantages of it :-

  • Affordable  

  • Reversible Process

  • No harm to the teeth

  • Needs No preparation

  • Many Colour choices available

  • Gives an instant shine to the smile

  • Procedure gets completed within minutes

  • You can get it removed whenever You want.

Site of Application:


Although it’s your choice, but generally it’s applied on the labial surface of upper anterior teeth.

Types and Colours Available:


  • Twinkles- they are in the real gold,diamond,sapphire or ruby so they come in yellow, crystal, blue and red colour respectively.

  • Skyce – they are blue and white crystals which are so cheap and affordable and shine as good as the real gems.

  • Rainbow crystals – they are also the skyce type, they come in rainbow and many other colours, applied for a short time.

Shapes and Sizes:


They come in number of shapes, right from round and spherical to the stars and dolphin and also in two sizes, a small and a medium size.


  • Tooth is cleaned first

  • 37% phosphoric acid gel is applied

  • Tooth is dried again

  • Bonding agent and composite applied and distributed which is cured with light for 20 seconds

  • The jewel is placed on the center of the composite

  • Positioned properly and get cured with light for 60 seconds again

  • The jewel is affixed in a minute.

  • Total procedure takes 5 to 10 mins.


Don’t touch the jewel with your finger or anything as it can produce some fixation problems and can compromise it’s shine.

If you have any queries regarding dental jewellery then please contact us at the link below or you can also buy the dental jewellery of your choice and can come to us to get it applied with perfection for a flawless jeweled smile..

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Dr Ankit Gaur
Dr Ankit Gaur
Dr Ankit Gaur is a Dentist having an experience of over 13 years.

He practices in Gaur Dental Clinic in Mayur Vihar Phase 1 New Delhi
He is also a Senior Panelist in MAX Health Care Dental Patparganj New Delhi

He is an expert in the following services
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Dr Gaur is also a member of Indian Dental Association and Indian Orthodontic Society.