We all know about that much-hyped body language and how to read a person including his /her intentions from just the body gestures, but it’s not all, you can also read a person from their teeth, its shape and the arrangement of them!

Here is how you can know a person from their teeth-

1. Even and Regular Teeth

They are also known as the celebrity teeth because only some lucky people have these set of teeth. A person with such denture is:

  • A logical Person

  • A learner, loves to learn anything under the sun

  • He/she puts an opinion with confidence and that’s why people listen to them

2. Gap Between the Teeth

You must have met many people, who have gaps in between their teeth known as Diastema in medical terms, Here are some traits of such people:

  • The person is a risk-taker but

  • These people take hurried decisions without even thinking about it much

  • The Gaps between the teeth is sometimes hereditary and so are the traits!

  • If you have such friends, then ask them to re-think about their decisions before implementing them.

3. Big Front Teeth

Yes, we are talking about those big bunny teeth, read below to know what your bunny-teeth have given you:

  • These bugs bunny teeth have given you the power to take the leadership position, so that’s why people easily follow You

  • They do have a bad trait as well and that’s being Stubborn, as it’s not easy to be polite when you are a boss!

4. Crooked Teeth

Those teeth that give the appearance of the bug-eaten teeth, have given you some good traits like:

  • The people with crooked teeth are really good at arguing, maybe because they don’t have to worry about getting hurt in their mouth!

  • They are also the Secret Learners, like that annoying crooked friend in the class who tells you that she hasn’t learned the lesson but somehow answers well to the teacher and you end up having that punishment alone!

See that’s why they are called the crooked teeth!

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Dr Ankit Gaur
Dr Ankit Gaur
Dr Ankit Gaur is a Dentist having an experience of over 13 years.

He practices in Gaur Dental Clinic in Mayur Vihar Phase 1 New Delhi
He is also a Senior Panelist in MAX Health Care Dental Patparganj New Delhi

He is an expert in the following services
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Dr Gaur is also a member of Indian Dental Association and Indian Orthodontic Society.