What are Mouth Sores?

These are the round shaped ulcers which are results of the erosion or damage of the mucous lining of the mouth inside. These can be present anywhere inside the mouth like cheek, lips or tongue. They cause problems like pain while talking, chewing, opening the mouth wide and irritation or burning sensation while eating something spicy.

Why do they occur?

There can be many reasons behind the occurrence of the mouth sores, Most common of them are listed below:

1. Accidental Biting/Trauma– Whenever you bite your tongue or cheek accidentally, then it creates a wound on the mucosa (moist insides of your mouth) which later convert into a sore, which gets healed of its own normally.

2. Drugs– Some drugs like antibiotics and the dispersible tablets can react adversely to a person and thus can lead to mouth sores as a result of adverse reaction of the drug.

3. Chemicals– Some harsh chemicals present in synthetic foods and candies are the most common cause of the chemical caused sores.

4. Improper Teeth Positioning– If You experience sores normally on some specific locations in your mouth, then it can be because of the improper positioning of your teeth, see a dentist and consider correction of the teeth positioning.

5. Vitamin Deficiency– Vitamin deficiencies like vitamin B12 can cause mouth sores as well, taking the B-complex tablets normally resolves the issue.

6. Stress– To your surprise, stress again can be the culprit here! Don’t let your mind harm your body, try relieving the stress by diverting your mind to something else or meditate.

7. Excess Citrus & acidic Fruits– If you are a fan of Pineapples, Kiwi, cranberry, oranges and grapes etc than try reducing them to just one serving per day, because the acid present in them can harm your teeth enamel as well along with the mucosa.

8. Improper denture– The improper fitting of your new denture can keep providing pressure on certain points, and thus results in the formation of the sores there.

9. Faulty filling– If you have gone through a dental filling procedure and some spikes have remained there, then these can also cause the formation of mouth sores.

10. Systemic Disorders– If you face the mouth sores frequently and they don’t really heal easily then they can be a sign of some systemic disorders like Lupus or HIV. Don’t ignore them and see a doctor to rule them out.

So now you know the possible reasons of a mouth sore! Stay tuned to know ‘How to treat Mouth-sores’ in our next post. Do You have mouth sores often? Tell us about them in the comment section below. To get a dental check-up fast, Book an Appointment Now at 011-40532828, Gaur Dental Care, Best dentist and dental treatment in Mayur Vihar Phase1.


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