Yes, We are talking about our very own famous Bollywood star Hritik Roshan! After doing so much good work and famous films, in 2012 Hritik was even named as the ‘sexiest Asian man in the world!‘ he showed immense courage in an interview in September 2009, Hritik that he has been stuttering and stammering since childhood! That’s  the reason he has been nervous to talk to girls and peers, because of that he had faced lot of bullying at school as well.

In his own words,he said, “Everything seems normal until you start talking, you get stuck and you don’t know why? Right from your toes to the ends of your hair strands, you are in complete shock. Your heart palpitates, you don’t understand and you are aware of people looking at you. You can compare it to hell.”

What Cured him?

  • Consistent speech therapy and his regular efforts kept his stammering at bay and he successfully delivered the dialogues in all his movies.

  • He used to read each book and magazine aloud in order to treat his stammering.

  • He used to practice in front of a mirror for hours.

What made him get locked in a Cupboard?

Read it in his own words:

“I was getting the Best Debut Actor for my first movie in Dubai and I wanted to say, ‘I love you Dubai’ in my speech at the award function. But I couldn’t say ‘Dubai’. I wanted to practice saying ‘Dubai’ but for that I had to scream Dubai loudly. I couldn’t do that in my hotel room because my voice was being heard outside. I went to the bathroom and yelled ‘Dubai’ but even then, it could be heard by people outside. Thankfully there was a big cupboard in the room. I locked myself up in the cupboard and practiced say ‘Dubai’. Finally, at the awards function, I was able to say that with a flow.”

Good to know Facts!

  • Hritik has donated two million rupees for the speech therapy wing at Nanvati hospital which is being named after his grandmother Ira Roshan, As he says it the best “I shared some great times with my Daadi during my childhood and growing years. Today seeing my name along with hers and being associated with such a project, she must be smiling down!”

  • He still practices 1 hour daily to avoid relapsing into the stammering again!

  • He once practiced for 36 hours to talk to his cook about what he needs in his dinner!

All these inspire all of us to be consistent in our efforts and we will get success eventually! Just Don’t give up! 

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Dr Ankit Gaur
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