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Dental Implants Treatment Mayur Vihar

Do you have missing teeth? Replace them with Dental Implants. We use the best European Dental Implants and Korean Dental Implants. Book an Appointment for a Painless Dental Treatment.

Dental Brace Treatment Mayur Vihar

Are your or your child’s  Teeth not shaped properly? Do they look Odd? Dental Braces can be applied to children as young as 13 years and adults up to an age of 25 years and more. We use the best Dental braces depending upon your budget and the way you want your teeth to look. We have Dental Braces ranging from Metallic Braces, Ceramic Braces & Specialized Braces. Book an Appointment and ask for invisible braces treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Mayur Vihar

Suffering from Tooth Pain? Don’t Suffer anymore. Get immediate pain relief and save your self from a dental disease. We do our root canals most effectively, we also provide the best tooth caps for post root canal treatment. Book an Appointment do go Pain Free.

Crowns and Bridges Treatment Mayur Vihar

Partially Broken Teeth? or Teeth missing in series? Get Crowns and Bridges for them before a new problem arises. Book an Appointment for the best Dental Crowns & Bridges Treatment.

Teeth Scaling Treatment & Whitening Service Mayur Vihar

Do your teeth have Tartar Deposits, Plaque Deposits? or Are they reddish with Tobacco Stains? Or Generally yellow? We restore your tooth colour back to what it should be. Book an Appointment for Dental Tooth Cleaning with us and get Sparkly White Teeth.

Denture Treatment Mayur Vihar

Do you have aged family members struggling with their teeth? Help them by getting them to us, we make the best Dentures using German and Japanese Substance, our dentures last long and are resistant to breakage. Book an Appointment today for Denture Treatment Service.

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Patient Stories – From Painful to Pain free

Dental Braces

I brought my son Aarav to Gaur Dental Care Mayur Vihar for braces treatment, his teeth were not aligned properly. I only thought that not much could be done with his teeth considering I was bringing him too late at the age of 17. Dr Gaur not only chalked out a systematic plan for my son’s braces treatment, but was also considerate enough to accommodate his exam schedule. His teeth are in proper shape, I am late in posting this aswell, however I feel a good recommendation never goes waste.

Thank you.

Malini Pandey – Sr Lawyer

Root Canal

I am Col RajShekhar and I truly recommend Gaur Dental Care’s Services to everybody who has dental pain. Dr Gaur was kind enough to fit my appointment in his busy schedule for a root canal and a capping there after. I just hope they could get CGHS empanelled, so that they can help servicemen like us.

Dental Implants

Brought my mother to them for Implants, the procedure took time, but she is happy with her treatment and so am I

Akhil Naresh Pradhan

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