Is Your little one not sleeping properly, is he getting more cranky and grumpy? Or he is losing his/her appetite! Then probably this is the time for his first little pearls to erupt.

You don’t need to freak-out for that….We have got this all figured out for You.

Teeth which are the first to erupt

  • The front teeth are the first to erupt, named as incisors
  • You can expect two lower and two upper central incisors to come up,so now you know the main problem area.

Sign and Symptoms of Teething

As Babies can’t really tell what’s wrong with them, so we just have to rely on the symptoms. Some of the most obvious symptoms are:

  • Excessive Droolingpo4d16im0w1muto
  • Red, swollen and sore gums
  • Chewing attempts on hard objects
  • Sleepless Nights
  • Lost appetite
  • Ear rubbing
  • Mild temperature
  • Cranky behavior

If your little one is showing any of these symptoms, then it is most likely that he/she is teething.

How can You help the Baby?

Here are various ways to sooth your baby, although each technique works differently for each baby, one has the most comfort with one while the other finds a different technique quite soothing, So You would have to try all of them out, to find what suits best for your lad.

  1. Rub over the gums with your clean finger, the pressure helps in soothing the gums.


2. Keep the teething ring in the refrigerator (NOT in the freezer) before giving it to the cranky Baby.teether3. If Your Baby is more than 6 months old, then you can give him some carrot or cucumber to chew, make sure you hold the other end of it, so that it won’t be a chocking hazard.

4.Keep a soft Bib around his neck so that you can wipe the saliva easily and also keep your Baby’s chin moist by petroleum jelly, so that he won’t have any rashes over there.

5.Keep a clean washcloth in a plastic bag in the refrigerator and use it to rub and clean your baby’s gums, this soothes most of the babies.

6. Cold food items like cold yogurt, fruit juice Popsicle also help the teething infant.

7. Try to distract the Baby from pain by giving a warm water bath,cuddling, patting the back and giving a cold pacifier.

8. Make it a routine to rub your baby’s gums with a clean washcloth right after birth, clean them after feeding him/her every time.

9. Try different types of teethers, some are better for a baby others are better for another.

What NOT to do?

  1. Don’t give any over the counter medicine to your kid, without asking your dentist or pediatrician.
  2. Topical painkiller gels should not be applied without consulting the doctor as well, and apply them in the least amount possible because the excess amount can be swallowed and can numb the throat resulting in trouble breathing.
  3. If the baby is breast-feeding then, ask him/her sternly not to bite you, there is no harm in disciplining your kid.

DA recommends  

The Dental and pediatric associations recommend to have first dental check-up of your baby after the eruption of first tooth or near the first birthday, whichever is earlier.

So, get your infant checked, because it leads to a better oral health and the expert advice takes away all your small and big doubts about what you can do best for your child.

Happy Parenting and Happy teeth 🙂

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