Read one of our patient’s story who has been kind enough to share her makeover journey with us. Read what she has to say,

The day I turned 30, I wanted to make a change to my life, a sense of achievement, something which gives my self esteem a boost, and a mere haircut was not enough!”

So, I went through all my old pictures and noticed that I never laughed in them, just smiled with my lips closed. Not out of a habit, but by feeling embarrassed of my teeth. It was a ‘Eureka’ moment for me and I decided to visit Dr Ankit Gaur, a renowned orthodontist & famous for his decent behavior who knows his job through & through.

Though,I took a decision of getting the braces, but I certainly didn’t want to be ‘ugly betty’ for the year to come. So Dr Gaur talked me through about it, and told me about Invisalign & ceramic braces and we skipped the metal ones, after knowing each and everything about them, I chose the ceramic ones, the one shown below, will share my images soon as well.

Ceramic Dental Braces, gaur dental care

After the selection, one fine day, I got my braces in just an hour, and to my delight, when I went back home, my mother said, “Did You get the half process done, I can’t see those metal buttons!” I was relieved.

I was happy, when I survived the first day at office without any looks on people’s face. It went really well, my colleagues didn’t notice them at first, but I just told them by myself to avoid any ‘I got You’ looks further. Overall everything passed so easily than I thought.

I had to visit Dr Gaur once a month, for just 5 minutes and I actually used to feel happy that I am progressing. After 9 months, Dr Ankit told me that, “I think, you need retainers now!Taking out the braces!” That was a big surprise for me, and in another 5 minutes, I was Braces free for life! He gave me a session of scaling afterwards and handed over me a mirror. I looked myself in the mirror and I had tears in my eyes. I was proud of the decision that I had made 9 months back. My whole appearance has been changed in just 9 months.

I was extremely happy and thus I requested him to give my story some space in his blog and he was kind enough to allow me for that.

Will be having my retainers pretty soon which I can remove of my own.These will be to retain the position of my teeth, just for some time. I will tell You more about them once I will be able to use them.

To everyone out there, “Making a tough decision takes guts, & guts always pay you off!

Thanks, Gratitude.

Author Profile

Dr Ankit Gaur
Dr Ankit Gaur
Dr Ankit Gaur is a Dentist having an experience of over 13 years.

He practices in Gaur Dental Clinic in Mayur Vihar Phase 1 New Delhi
He is also a Senior Panelist in MAX Health Care Dental Patparganj New Delhi

He is an expert in the following services
Application of Dental Braces for Children
Root Canal Treatment
Dental Fillings,
Complete/Partial Dentures Fixing,
Teeth Scaling and Polishing,
Impaction / Impacted Tooth Extraction and Gum Disease Treatment
Accidental Dental Surgery.

Dr Gaur is also a member of Indian Dental Association and Indian Orthodontic Society.