Without all building up n stuff, let’s take you straight to the exercises which will keep your sagging face and double chin, toned and will keep you young thereby preventing your muscles and skin from ageing!

If you are the one who is always asked not to touch the cookies or to spare those ladoos, which you have been devouring on!

If you look into the mirror and call yourself as ‘Potato-face’ then this article is for You!

The good news is, that you can do theses exercises while sitting on your couch and just for five minutes Daily!

Touch Your Nose with Your tongue exercise is the one which you can have fun with too, just try doing the same for 10 seconds then relax and repeat five times.

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See the fault in the stars exercise, you can look for the fault in the ceiling as well but if you try to kiss it (Make the pout towards the ceiling) as well then it will be an added bonus.

Chin Exercises, are best for your jaw line and double-chin, take your chin forward and take it backwards, open your mouth wide and then close it while pursing your lips.

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 Whistle at your spouse exercise, ya, it’s a win-win, increase your chemistry as well as the tone of your cheeks. If you don’t know how to whistle, then don’t worry, even enacting the whistle blowing will do the job.

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Fish-face exercise– You are definitely going to enjoy this exercise or maybe your toddler can teach you better how to perform it! Enjoy it with your Baby & keep toning those chubby-bubbies!

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Chewing-Gum is your best-friend when it comes to toning-up, but it has to be sugar-free and just be aware that don’t stick it just anywhere on the bedside as always, and if You do then only God and this Bright side post can save you from your Mother n wife !

www.gaurdentalcare.in orthodontist in delhi oral healthEat & Drink Right, as having a diet high in fibre and staying hydrated will keep your skin supple and delays the appearance of wrinkles on it.

www.gaurdentalcare.in orthodontist in delhi facial exercises blogGet Moving, only decreasing your face fat won’t help you in the long run, as you would have to go beyond the selfies, so you need to lose weight from your whole body, the best thing is to Keep Walking!

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