Parents are always running after their children to brush…But do you know that your husband is also less bothered about his oral health than you. As much we hate to admit it, it’s the female who brushes more and better. She is the proactive one in it.

Sorry, we are not being feminist here; it’s the research that shows it:-

  • A study concluded that women change their toothbrush twice as often as compared to men thus suggesting that they bother about their oral health more or they can say that they get bored easily with their toothbrush! Whatever the fact is, the result is the better oral hygiene and the prevention of dental diseases.

  • Another study by NCBI in 1999, 2007 and 2012 done in different parts of the world including India, Kuwait, Nigeria, Middle East and Japan show that females understand the importance of oral hygiene better and thus brush better, although exceptions are always there.

  • The gender specific studies done in dental colleges itself also show the same results.

I guess some toothbrushes that are inspired by “Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones and Friends” will motivate them better to brush and being aware about their dental check-up.

So next time, when Your lady says, “Brush Your teeth before sleeping or let’s go to the dentist” then you better listen to her! That will help you in staying more healthy and will save you from lots of pain having that toothache because as the old saying by Mae West goes….

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Dr Ankit Gaur
Dr Ankit Gaur
Dr Ankit Gaur is a Dentist having an experience of over 13 years.

He practices in Gaur Dental Clinic in Mayur Vihar Phase 1 New Delhi
He is also a Senior Panelist in MAX Health Care Dental Patparganj New Delhi

He is an expert in the following services
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Root Canal Treatment
Dental Fillings,
Complete/Partial Dentures Fixing,
Teeth Scaling and Polishing,
Impaction / Impacted Tooth Extraction and Gum Disease Treatment
Accidental Dental Surgery.

Dr Gaur is also a member of Indian Dental Association and Indian Orthodontic Society.