7 Worst foods for your pearly Whites

In today’s fast world, we all are running for one thing or the other, our diet suffers due to this and we keep on munching these easy-to-grab food items without thinking about our oral health. So please take your precious five minutes for your own teeth and read this article, believe me, your teeth will thank You for this!

So here are some worst foods for your teeth to avoid:

Soda and Sports Drinks

The carbonated acid and the sugar present in the soda are so harsh on your teeth outer layer known as enamel, these are also high in sugar content, even those which are named as the ‘diet’ ones, and the sugar becomes the invitation to the bacteria. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after soda consumption, you will end up in increasing the damage!

Citrus Fruit Juices

All citrus juices are the culprits of the decaying teeth as the citric acid present in them erodes the tooth surface, lemon juice creates the biggest threat while orange juice creates the least. So next time whenever you enjoy your lemonade or mohito, then don’t forget to squish!

Chewy Candy

I know we are being a bit hard over all of you candy lovers, but its true! Your sour candies are the topper in creating cavities as it gets stuck everywhere and hard candies are still a better option as they melt away of their own readily. Here Bacteria burns sugar to make acid which in turns harms the enamel, So keep your candies to the minimal and make sure to brush afterwards.

Tannic Acid

As Messina quotes, “anything that makes you yell if you spill it on a white table cloth, will also stain your teeth.” So whether it’s your favorite red wine, your latte addiction or your never ending love for black tea, they all can stain your teeth really bad and the Tannic acid is to be blamed for. So next time you sip your morning coffee,don’t forget to have some water after, to keep your pearls shinning!

Potato Chips

We Love the chips as much as you do, but let’s admit that they are crunchy at first and then they become soft and chewy when they get mixed with saliva. So they aren’t the best choice either, We are not asking you to stop them, please enjoy your chips but not very often and whenever you treat yourself with them, please make sure that you treat your teeth with their favorite mouthwash as well!

Dried Fruits

In spite of the high nutrition value of these dried fruits, they take a toll on your oral heath. Especially Apricot, raisins, figs and prunes are quite chewy and sticky so they hide themselves within the crevices of the teeth and just lure bacteria for a tasty diet. So make sure you take all the sticky remnants out of your mouth and keep the bacterial colonies out of your precious mouth.


While westernizing ourselves we all have become bread-fans and it has become the essential part of our diet, if not in as a meal then as a supplement or as a snack. As its pure starch,sugar and carbs so it does the same thing as the potatoes do, so please be careful while you eat them and don’t forget to squish if not brush. Let’s face the truth, we can’t remove bread from our routines but can brush after meals right?


Stay Tuned

For the good food options, read ‘5 amazing food for your teeth’…stay tuned for more interesting and crispy stuff…Till then, don’t forget your scaling appointment..Happy Teeth To You…

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