Mouth sores are really annoying; you can’t speak, eat and even talk properly. Don’t worry folks; here we are with some of the amazingly effective ways to treat them.

  1. Drink like a fish– Increase your fluid intake, try to make the healthy smoothies and avoid adding any soda or aerated drinks as the fizz in them can irritate the sores. Keep sipping plain water as this will help in easing the pain.

  2. Stop the Spice Binge– Even if You are a die-hard chillies fan, keep it at bay and share that bland food plate with Your Granny! Your sores and Granny both will be Happy!

  3. Brush while You can– Be a little brave and don’t stop brushing, as brushing will help in keeping the microbes at bay and will help in accelerating their healing. Just be cautious and avoid hurting them with your brush.

  4. Mouthwash is Your best friend– If you are too afraid to use brush, then have an antimicrobial mouthwash and swish properly twice a day, it will keep your mouth microbes free as well.

  5. Let the Gel Ease– keep the sore gel handy and please use it before the little, tiny, circular mouth sores get on your nerves! You can have a whole argument session with your spouse without difficulty, Believe me they are too good.

  6. Warm water not hot– Rinse your mouth with warm water as it will also help in soothing your mouth walls as well as stops the bacteria from evading your Cranker sores and will get yourself relieved from pain.

  7. B-complex Capsules– These are a must to take as these are the leading cause of that re-occurrence of mouth sores off n on, take your B-complex pills which your dentist advise you to take and also prevent them from happening again by keeping your vitamin B levels high.

When to see a Doctor?

 If the sores are not healing even after 2 weeks.

If the size of the sore is more than 1 cm, and more in number.

If you are having other symptoms along with the mouth sores, like fever, rashes, body-aches etc.

How to Prevent them from re-occurring?

Keep your mouth as clean as possible

Take good, enriched diet.

Regularly visit your dentist.

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