Whenever you pass your dining table where Your favorite chocolates are lying proudly, or Your snack cup-board, You take a step back, stare at them as if it’s their wish to get gulped into your mouth and you toss one down. Sadly it doesn’t go down straightway, your teeth and tongue work fully on it and after increasing the acidity of your mouth and giving meal to the bacteria, it goes down to its further journey.

Now, When You are repenting  on your last eaten piece of sweet, Let me tell You that chocolate is not that bad a food, rather a good one but it has to be dark! So here are 5 amazing foods that can actually help to make your teeth healthier, whiter and shinier, so it’s a win-win!

1. Strawberries


These are as good for health as they look, even more. Strawberries contain malic acid which is a teeth whitener and the tiny little seeds act as scrub and thus make the pearls whiter, as they are anti oxidant in nature due to high amount of vitamin C in them, so they increase the production of saliva in mouth thus washing away any bad bacteria.






2. Apples


The debate about the apples is still going on, but no one can deny that it is nature’s toothbrush. The only problem is that we don’t eat only natural produce so we need our toothbrush and floss as well. With that going on, these nature’s crunchies along with its pals like carrot n cucumber, they keep your mouth stain-free as well as plaque-free.




3. Yogurt and Cheese

Organic dairy products: milk, yogurt, cream, cottage cheese, butter on a wooden background in rustic style


All milk products and the milk are really a treat for teeth, especially yogurt and cheese, yogurt being a probiotic saves it all by checking cavities as well as the bad breath. Same is the case with cheese, being harder, it acts as a scrub as well, but don’t forget to brush and floss. They all prevent the decay of teeth as well due to high calcium content.





4. Greens


Do you know, the famous cartoon character, Popeye-the sailor must be having plaque free teeth as well because spinach serves that purpose too and not only spinach but all the green leafy veggies like kale, fenugreek etc and other greens like broccoli and celery are also good in balancing the pH of mouth and thus preventing any cavities and gum diseases.




5. Dark Chocolate


So here we are, at our favorite food n snack n drug as well, now it’s a medicine too because of its antioxidants and less sugar content, what an amazing feeling! Now you can hop a piece of dark chocolate without guilt.




Some other good-for-teeth foods are almonds, raisins, green tea, egg-yolk, sea-food, kiwi and red-meat. All these food imply amazing benefits on teeth, but don’t forget to brush and floss and also come to your dentist every 6 months for a thorough cleaning. Here you can know more about our tooth cleaning and scaling services.

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Dr Ankit Gaur
Dr Ankit Gaur
Dr Ankit Gaur is a Dentist having an experience of over 13 years.

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